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Academic Skills


Travis the Train Learns Colors

Color Flash Cards
(Print 2 sets for matching)

Things That Are Orange

Things That Are Green

Things That Are Pink

Color Clips
A Color Word Spelling Activity

Primary and Secondary Colors
A Computer-Based Learning Activity

Primary and Secondary Colors Worksheet


Travis the Train Delivers Shapes

Number Flash Cards

~More Coming Soon~

Phonics/Basic Reading

Letter Assessment (Train Theme)
Use to teach or assess letter names or sounds. Includes an assessment data sheet to record correct and incorrect responses.

Train Phonics: "an" Family Words

Phonics Flashcards: "an" Family Words

Train Phonics: "at" Family Words

Train Phonics: "ug" Family Words

Boxcar Sight Words

Train Reading Flashcard Activity Ideas

More Learning Activities

File Folder Games
Visual, structured learning activities designed specifically for students with autism.

Positively Autism's favorite workbooks for students with autism. We can't recommend these enough!

Increase motivation for learning with these apps for Android devices including Kindle Fire.

Structured learning activities for school or home.

Fine Motor Skill Activities
Cutting, tracing, etc.


Travis the Train Coins Song (Penny)

Travis the Train Coins Song (Nickel)

Travis the Train Coins Song (Dime)

Travis the Train Coins Song (Quarter)

Travis the Train Coins Song (All Coins)

Activities about Books

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Activities

"The Napping House" Activities

"The Three Little Pigs" Activities

Seasons and Weather

Seasons Activities

Weather Activities


Knights and Castles Activities

Pirate Activities

Jedi Knight Application
A fun way for kids to practice their personal information (name, birthday, address, phone number).

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