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The 3 Little Pigs Activities
I typically use a themed unit with my students for about two weeks to ensure that there is enough depth and repetition to ensure learning.

3 Little Pigs Vocabulary
The 3 Little Pigs Vocabulary

3 Little Pigs Animal Sounds
The 3 Little Pigs Animal Sounds

Things That Are Pink
Things That Are Pink

3 Little Pigs Verbs
The 3 Little Pigs Verbs

Three Little Pigs Story Video


Three Little Pigs Books
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More Versions of "The Three Little Pigs" from Amazon.com

The 3 Little Pigs Resources from Other Sites
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"P for Pig" Online Puzzle

"P is for Pig" Coloring Page

"P is for Pig" Handwriting Worksheet: D'Nealian or Standard

3 Little Pigs Activities from Enchanted Learning

More 3 Little Pigs Activities

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