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File Folder Games

Example of File Folder Games - Front Example of File Folder Games - Back

The file folder games included on this website are games that I have designed and used in my classroom.
I have found these games particularly useful for my students with autism because the games:

  1. Are visually-oriented,
  2. Are hands-on,
  3. Have a task that is clear,
  4. Have a clear beginning and ending, and
  5. Allow the student to work and complete the task independently.

New games added to the end of the list.

Shape Matching

Shape Word Matching

Shape Word Matching (Spanish)

Fun in the Sun (Number Words 1 - 20)

I Love Math! (One-digit Addition 1s and 2s)

Math All-Star (One-digit Addition 3s and 4s)

Rainbow Butterflies (Color Matching)

The “Point” of Rhyming (Rhyming 3-Letter Words)

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One-digit Addition 5s and 6s (Coming Soon)

Multiplication Facts, 3s and 4s (Coming Soon)

Multiplication Facts, 5s and 6s (Coming Soon)

Multiplication Facts, 7s and 8s (Coming Soon)

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