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Valentine's Day Activities
Train Theme
I typically use a themed unit with my students for about two weeks to ensure that there is enough depth and repetition to ensure learning. So, I start this unit the first week of February.

Valentine's Day Vocabulary

Valentine Train Story

Valentine Train Sorting Activity

"What to Expect on Valentine's Day" Social Skill Story

"V is For Valentine" Worksheet

Use for rainbow writing (trace the letter with different colors), tracing, decorating, etc.

Hearts Addition Folder Game

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Valentine's Day Resources from Other Sites
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Valentine Describing Game
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Valentine Heart Match Game

Valentine's Day Bingo (From Speaking of Speech)
Bingo Card 1
Bingo Card 2
Bingo Card 3

Valentine Craft Communication Board

Valentine Activities from Tinsnips: Includes songs, counting pages, and folder games.

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