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Self-Management of Behavior ~ July/August 2010

Current Autism Research
Research on Self-Management and Autism

About the "Current Autism Research" feature:
"Current Autism Research" lists articles about autism that have been recently published. To read these articles, subscriptions to the journals in which they are published can be purchased. However, this can become expensive, and another way to obtain these articles is through local college and university libraries. Many of these libraries contain a section entitled, "Periodicals," or something similar, and the journals may be found there in alphabetical order. Often, copies can be made, or you can simply read the journal at the library and take notes. This is a great way for parents, teachers, families, and others to stay current on trends in autism research, and may help you discover new strategies for home, school, or community goals.

Note: A listing of research here does not imply an endorsement of the methods or procedures by Positively Autism. Please thoroughly research any program or method that you are considering, obtaining any necessary help from professionals familiar with your situation.

Title: "Incorporating Video Feedback into Self-Management Training to Promote Generalization of Social Initiations by Children with Autism"

Author(s): Carole Deitchman, Sharon A. Reeve, Kenneth F. Reeve, Patrick R. Progar

Journal: Education & Treatment of Children

Issue: August 2010 (Volume 33, Issue 3)

Title: "Promote Academic Engagement and Communication of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder in Inclusive Settings"

Author(s): Juliet E. Hart and Kelly J. Whalon

Journal: Intervention in School & Clinic

Issue: November 2008 (Volume 44, Issue 2)

Title: "Improving Question Asking in High-functioning Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Author(s): Annemiek Palmen, Robert Didden, Marieke Arts

Journal: Autism: The International Journal of Research & Practice

Issue: January 2008 (Volume 12, Issue 1)

Title: "Self-Management for Children With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Author(s): Lee A. Wilkinson

Journal: Intervention in School & Clinic

Issue: January 2008 (Volume 43, Issue 3)

Title: "Contingency Contracting with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Public School Setting"

Author(s): Daniel W. Mruzek, Celina Cohen, Tristram Smith

Journal: Journal of Developmental & Physical Disabilities

Issue: April 2007 (Volume 19, Issue 2)

Title: "Effects and Implications of Self-Management for Students With Autism: A Meta-Analysis"

Author(s): Suk-Hyang Lee; Simpson, Richard L.; Shogren, Karrie A.

Journal: Focus on Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities

Issue: Spring 2007 (Volume 22, Issue 1)

Title: "Supporting the Inclusion of a Student with Asperger Syndrome: A Case Study using Conjoint Behavioural Consultation and Self-management"

Author(s): Lee Wilkinson

Journal: Educational Psychology in Practice

Issue: December 2005 (Volume 21, Issue 4)

Title: "Effects of Video Modeling Alone and With Self-Management on Compliment-Giving Behaviors of Children with High-Functioning ASD"

Author(s): Allison Lowy Apple, Felix Billingsley, Ilene S. Schwartz

Journal: Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

Issue: Winter 2005 (Volume 7, Issue 1)

Title: "Including Children With Autism in General Education Classrooms: A Review of Effective Strategies"

Author(s): Joshua K. Harrower, Glen Dunlap

Journal: Behavior Modification

Issue: October 2001 (Volume 25, Issue 5)

Title: "Pivotal Areas in Intervention for Autism"

Author(s): Robert L. Koegel, Lynn Kern Koegel, Erin K. McNerney

Journal: Journal of Clinical Child Psychology

Issue: February 2001 (Volume 30, Issue 1)

Title: "Brief Reports Brief Report: Reduction of Inappropriate Vocalizations for a Child with Autism Using a Self-Management Treatment Program"

Author(s): Catherine Mancina, Melody Tankersley, Debra Kamps, Tammy Kravits, Jean Parrett

Journal: Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders

Issue: December 2000 (Volume 30, Issue 6)

Title: "Self-management of Varied Responding in Three Students with Autism"

Author(s): Bobby Newman, Dana R. Reinecke, Deborah L. Meinberg

Journal: Behavioral Interventions

Issue: April 2000 (Volume 15, Issue 2)

Title: "Self-management of a DRO Procedure by Three Students with Autism"

Author(s): Bobby Newman, Lisa Tuntigian, Carolyn S. Ryan, Dana R. Reinecke

Journal: Behavioral Interventions

Issue: July 1997 (Volume 12, Issue 3)

Title: "Self-management of Schedule Following in Three Teenagers with Autism"

Author(s): Bobby Newman, Dawn M. Buffington

Journal: Behavioral Disorders

Issue: May 1995 (Volume 20, Issue 3)

Title: "Improving Social Skills and Disruptive Behavior in Children with Autism Through Self-management"

Author(s): Lynn Kern Koegel, Robert L. Koegel

Journal: Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Issue: Summer 1992 (Volume 25, Issue 2)

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