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Thanksgiving Activities
I typically use a themed unit with my students for about two weeks to ensure that there is enough depth and repetition to ensure learning.

Thanksgiving Social Skill Story

A book about what to expect at Thanksgiving. There are places to customize the book by typing or writing in your family's specific Thanksgiving plans.

Available formats: PDF (Can't edit, just view on computer or print)
Microsoft PowerPoint (Can edit)

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Thanksgiving Vocabulary (Verbs/Action Words)

Thanksgiving Videos
Please preview all videos before using them with your children.

Thanksgiving Resources from Other Sites
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Thanksgiving Food Choice Sheet

What Can You Say Thank You For? A Seasonal Conversation Starter Board

Thanksgiving Activities from Enchanted Learning

Thanksgiving Activities from Tinsnips Special Education website

Social Stories on Thanksgiving manners, rules, and hygeine

November Page at Cindy's Autistic Support

GFCF Thanksgiving Recipes

Illustrated Thanksgiving Recipes from "The Autism Helper"

Before You Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Autistic Loved One

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