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Cutting and Tracing Activities

Cutting and tracing activities are great for fine motor skill development. The following activity pages can help your child develop these skills. In addition to the activities here on Positively Autism, the best resource that I have found on this topic is "Tracing and Cutting" by Susie Alexander. This book contains a variety of fun tracing activities, including pumpkins, hearts, birthday cakes, and paper dolls. It also features simple instructions on how to teach aspects of fine motor skills including opposite hand coordination, scissor holding, and pencil/crayon holding.

The following activities are currently available for download in Adobe PDF.

Cutting Straight Lines

Cutting Zig Zag Lines

Cutting Curved Lines

Cutting Different Lines
Tracing Straight Lines

Tracing Zig Zag Lines

Tracing Curved Lines

Tracing Different Lines

Trace the Train Track!

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