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Visual Aids

Simple Picture Cards Idea
Available Formats: Adobe PDF

Visual Supports for the Classroom
Available Format: Microsoft Word or PDF

Visual Cue for When Students Can Ask Questions

Calm Down Visual Aids

Pick-up/Drop Off Transition Schedule

"How to Earn Bonus Coins" Visual Support
A visual support designed to encourage independent completion of classroom behaviors such as greeting teachers/peers, getting out a notebook, pushing in a chair, etc.

Transition Countdown
A chart for visual learners that shows the passage of time until a transition takes place. Many times, it makes the transition between activities easier for students with autism if they know what activity will come next and when it is time to change activities.

First-Then Charts
A simple visual schedule. Start using these charts with just two pictures, something that is to be done "first" (such as a work task), and something the student can do when that is finished, such as playing a computer game ("then"). The first-then charts below start with two boxes (level 1), then more boxes are added as the student gets accustomed to the idea of using the charts (levels 2 and 3).

Download first-then charts (set of 6)

Christmas Song Visual Support (Pictures and Lyrics)

Jingle Bells
The First Noel

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